Mr. Park



Originally from New Jersey, I moved to the Charleston area in the summer of 2013. I am very happy to be a part of the HarborCat family! I love teaching history and enjoy spending my extra time playing around with my dog Abbie.

This year we will be exploring Ancient History from Hunters & Gatherers up to and including the Age of Exploration. Below is an outline of how the school year will be structured

 1st 9 Weeks  2nd 9 Weeks 3rd 9 Weeks  4th 9 Weeks 
 Hunters &  Gatherers  Ancient    Greece  Middle Ages, Early African  Civilizations  Renaissance
 Early  Civilizations  Ancient  Rome  Ancient China & Japan Age of Exploration

In addition to the material listed above, we will be embarking on our journey to build our argumentative writing skills by completing D.B.Q. (document based question) essays. These are designed to challenge students to form a claim and use evidence from primary sources to support that claim. We will complete at least three D.B.Q's this year and I look forward to helping my students "think like a historian".