Ms. Beckstine
 This is my sixth year teaching in Charleston County. My favorite thing about teaching middle school kids is the number of things I have learned from my students. I LOVE reading young adult literature and I make really good book recommendations because I am so well read. I am also a published writer. That is one reason I think it is important to see the power in language. I try to spread my infatuation with words to my students every day. 

I teach English 1 for 8th Grade magnet students and Creative Writing for any 8th grade students. 

Students can see me for extra help during lunch, or thirty minutes before the beginning of homeroom. I am also available by appointment or Monday after school from 2:30-4.

Email is a great way to reach me ( I have been very successful getting grants for my classroom projects, please check out my projects at Remind messages are sent out regarding homework and testing/project deadlines. Please email me to join the correct class list. Class postings via Remind also contain information about our classroom events.