Ms. Lucy LaRoche

Welcome to 6th Grade Ancient History!


Our  curriculum follows the course of World History beginning with pre-history and the first people to exploration of the New World.

Ancient History Units of Study/Syllabus

1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

Standard 6-1  The  student  will  demonstrate  an  understanding  of  the  development  of  the cradles of civilization as people moved from a nomadic existence to a settled life.  

Standard 6-2 The student will demonstrate an understanding of life in ancient civilizations and their contributions to the modern world.

3rd Nine Weeks

4th Nine Weeks

Standard 6-3 The student will demonstrate an understanding of changing political, social, and economic cultures in Asia.

Standard 6-4 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the changing political, social, and economic cultures in Africa and the Americas.

Standard 6-5 The student will demonstrate an understanding of the Middle Ages and the emergence of nation-states in Europe.

Standard 6-6
The   student   will   demonstrate   an   understanding   of   the   impact   of   the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Age of Exploration on Europe and the rest of the world.


  • My grading system will be based on percentages as follows.



Homework                  10%

Classwork                   30%

Quizzes                       25%

Tests                            35%


            Total                100%

District wide grading scale 

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

F 59- below



  • Homework will be assigned a few nights a week and will be turned in the next day.  When students receive their school agenda, homework will be recorded there.
  • Classwork is a significant part of our skills practice and is a daily occurrence. Classwork that is not finished may be assigned as homework.
  • I will give at least a days notice before assigning a quiz. No pop quizzes! :)
  • Projects are major assignments that tie together multiple units of study and/or collaborate with other subject areas. We will do about 2-3 during the course of the year.
  • Tests will be given at the completion of a unit of study and will always be preceded with a weeks notice and review.

A folder of make up work is located in my classroom for absent students to find assignments. Please feel free to email me about makeup work as it is convenient to email assignments to you directly.  At least a days notice can be given to the front office if hard copies are needed.

-Please refer to the Student Handbook for other school wide policies on grades and discipline.

Thank you again for all that you do!


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